Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Custom Garden Sign

Yahoo!  A good day.  This is the first day I can say I feel like things will be back to normal soon.  I am so done with not being productive and active. 
I actually was able to paint today. 

Just a simple sign ordered from my new website (which I need to get back to work on soon) but simple is what I needed to get back into the swing of things.  My brain is not at 100% yet so this was a good start.

I just have to add the name to the top and then varathane it.  It will make a nice gift for a lovely lady, it was ordered by her friend.  


You can get a peek at another sign I am working on.   You can just see the birdhouse below the A in Garden.  That has been a fun sign too.  I hope to get it finished up this week. 

After weeks of beautiful sunny weather we are getting hammered with snow.  Not a bad thing since the storm will only last thru the night, as far as we are told. 

Now to kick up my feet for a bit, I don’t want to overdo. I think I need to pull out some crochet and veg.

Later all…

A Diamond in the Stuff


  1. So glad you're feeling better! And the sign is just beautiful!

  2. Sigh, wish I could paint roses like your beautiful ones.

  3. I love it, I wish I could paint like that. I'm following you via GFC. I host Fluster Creative Muster Party on Wednesdays and I would love it if you would come by and party with us. Hope to see you there!

    Hugs, Smiles, and Blessings,

    Fluster Buster


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