Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Hi all, I know it has been an age since I have really chimed in here but I have been overwhelmingly busy. 

First off, the Strawberry Music Festival in which I worked at a food booth, was a resounding success.  Crowds of hungry people lined up to be fed.  Lots of great people.  No matter how long the lines were and we invariably messed up some orders, most everyone was kind and patient.  We only had one crab that I know of, and we cheerfully refunded their money despite their complaint being no ones fault but their own. 

The only downside of the entire weekend was it has taken me nearly 4 days to recover my energy, we worked long hours and slept little so I am having to make up for it this week. 

Now on to the really good news….We were able to buy our little house out of foreclosure this week.


It was down to the wire but the bank postponed putting it up for auction when we informed them that we were in the process of getting rid of some business equipment and we would be able to catch up the house when we got paid for it. 


The check came yesterday.   So we get to keep it and don’t have to move.  Sometimes I think it was the thought of moving again that depressed me more than actually losing the house. 


So now it is time to dig in and get ready for winter (booooo, I don’t like winter), stockpile our firewood, get our back deck treated to preserve it better and winterize my garden. (though that will be a month or two away since it is still blooming profusely)

Now I need to get back to painting, I have several orders to fulfill and I want to restock my website with ready to go signs, I am nearly sold out. 
enjoy your Friday! 


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  1. It is heart warming news you have your home. It is such a pretty home by the way. You have decorated it beautifully. Another weekend to enjoy the outside.

  2. I am so happy you didn't lose your beautiful home! You must be so relieved.

    I understand about being too busy. My summer has been so crazy busy I have had very little time to do projects, let alone blog about them. I miss it like crazy and hope things will slow down soon. I hope things slow down for you soon too.

  3. I know you feel a sense of relief about your home. It must have been so stressful; I can't even imagine. It is an adorable cottage with all your hanging baskets. I know you cherish it.

  4. Your home is so very pretty. I love the big porch and all of the lovely flowers. I think I'll take a look around your blog!

  5. I am happy that you have a happy ending to your foreclosure story! Our family recently lost ours and we have, by the grace of God, survived (mostly) the move. Moving a family of 9 with each persons stuff (accumulated from 13 years in the same home), myiads of homeschool stuff and my husband's two sheds full of our business product and equipment (construction) was enough to put the most sane individual into the nut house!! The bank was supposed to work with us but lied. So here we are. I'm thankful that you get to keep your beautiful home!! I have enjoyed browsing your blog. You are a very talented woman. :-) Blessings! Kris


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