Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Raspberry Coconut Bars, dig out the fat pants!

Hello everybody! 
It is that time of year. 
raspberry 1
Yep, that time of year…..
when we toss our skinny jeans out.
Why do I say that????
raspberry bars200
Because it is baking season.
When everyone is whipping up the most delicious treats. 
With shorter and darker days of winter our bodies crave more carbs.
Not the good for you complex carbs,
of course,
raspberry coconut bars700

but the add an inch or two to the thighs,
      melt in your mouth,
                     oh so sinfully delicious type carbs.
So dig out your bulky sweaters and yoga pants cause I am leading the way.
raspberry bars700

If you wish the recipe, click on over...Raspberry Coconut Bars

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