Monday, August 26, 2013

Build A Garden Room

Make a Garden room

In the Summer my back deck is HOT.  

When you would like to sit out there on a lovely summer evening, the sun is beating down making it unbearable.

So we put up a canopy, I had used this long ago when I did shows and events

so it was just lounging lazily in the garage…

garden room before

It sort of worked but you see how the sun comes in at an angle?

That made it uncomfortable, still. 

So we need to so something about that.

Here is where these come in…


Cedar Fence boards are so versatile…

we built my ‘oh so handy’  potting bench out of them..

Potting Bench from Fence boards

And now they become a shabbilicious garden room wall

I had guesstimated it would take twenty 7.5 inch wide cedar fence boards to cover the space….

build a garden room 7

I was wrong, that was not near enough…

                                                      (see my studio peeking out down there…go here to see it all)

So what to do…what to do…

I did not want to spend anymore $$$ so we had to be creative…

and when I spotted some rusty, crusty metal roof panels in the alleyway behind my mom’s house I knew I had hit pay dirt!

build a garden room 2

So instead of all fence boards we added sections of rusty old tin roof panels…

                        (I use the term ‘we’ rather loosely since I really only supervised and explained by vision to my ever helpful builder hubby”

He had to cut the panels down to 6 feet as they were originally 8 feet, he used what he called a ‘nibbler’.

build a garden room

Gotta love a man with ear muffs on,

safety first. 

That nibbler worked like a charm, it cut thru that tin like a hot knife through butter but it sure was noisy!

build a garden room 3

Now to move all the plants and furniture back into place...

build a garden room 4

The furniture is all still ‘works in progress’…

I have to finish painting the bench, you can see some white still on the one side…my paint ran out and I have been too buried in work to finish..

and the paint for the table is on is going to look “maaaaah-ve-lous”

build a garden room 5


I absolutely love how my garden room turned out…

half the time my bright ideas don’t turn out as I had envisioned but this one surpassed my expectations.

Now to build a sturdier shed roof over it so it can be used in winter….

I expected an eye roll when I mentioned that to my handsome builder 

but I was pleasantly surprised when he thought it a great idea..

Stayed tuned, it may be a good year before it happens but now that I planted that bug in his ear we will get a roof.


Enjoy your day…still smoky here but I have yet to check the progress of the fires today.  I wonder if they are getting a handle on it?





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  1. Great job, not only did you provide shade from the sun, but I love the privacy. The perfect spot for a dinner party :)


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