Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May Morning Walk

Good morning. 

Would you like to join me on a fine early morning walk?

Grab yourself a hot beverage of choice and a sweater, the morning air is chilly, and join me.


The robins are singing their sweet song of spring, they serenade us as we mosey along the garden path. 

Fresh iris’ have opened.


Nearly all take our breath away.  Each has a unique twist, some release a sweet perfume.

blackberry truffle iris 560

Their names even sound delicious, Boysenberry Truffle. 

bright yellow iris

A few yellows are adding contrast to the many shades of purple we have in the garden. Some garishly bright..

white with yellow iris 560

and some delicately subtle. 

A few roses have started to open, a bit early for us here on this mountain but welcome all the same.

Dream Weaver

dream weaver rose 1

A little darker and one that supposedly will do well in the shade.

Zepherine Droughn


Now we must walk on past the old straw bale raised bed, it has done its duty and now it is seeing new life.

straw bale raised bed 560

Last year it held big fat Brandywine tomatoes and some Tromboline zucchini, which soon grew so lush it camouflaged the entire bed, and they were so delicious. 
Now the rich compost is being used to start new beds and heavily mulch others.  No waste here. 

Once past the straw we turn right, and what greets our eyes but a rather shabby looking chicken house…

cecile brunner may 19 1

Cecile Brunner is glamming it up with her abundance of blooms whose spicy scent greet you as you approach to collect the eggs. 

And a sweet surprise as we glance along one of the garden beds, planted with seeds.

green bean shoot

A humble green bean shoot.  How such a small event can make your heart sing. 

There were a few popping up in this row, now to plant another. 

I hope you enjoyed our morning walk. 

Come join me again, we shall do another soon, very soon.   I promise.

shabby creek cottage


  1. What a lovely morning walk! I love it all, but your irises really make my heart pitter patter.


  2. Yes I did, makes me look forward to spring! take care, maryann


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