Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Rosebud Garden Therapy sign


Well, Spring has sprung and we are having some fine weather.  Not a lick of snow on the ground around my house, which is not the norm for March.  Last year at this time we had just been graced with a fresh foot of the fluffy white stuff. 

Though I am loving the view of dirt as opposed to shoveling snow, I am very aware of the drought situation now facing us this summer. I am already organizing my plan of attack to be able to have my garden grow just fine with less water.

My violas are doing fab, they are the ones I planted in my window boxes and hanging planters last Fall.  They overwinter just fine despite freezing temps and bouts of snow and come back thick and lush at the first hint of Spring.




I would love to buy a nice big flat of violas to plant in my bucket planter, I just have not had the time to visit a nursery or garden center.  I am suffering withdrawals…time for a plant run!

Isn’t this yellow just so yummy looking????  I think it is what caused me to crave lemon meringue pie. So I made two and devoured both in short order.  (well, in a matter of a week or so, and hubby helped)



The ladies and their main man are doing just peachy.  Breakfast buffet. 

Now you see all that straw at their feet, under that is about 12 inches deep of the bestest composted, garden gold just waiting for me to bring my shovel.  I need to get to work! 


They are definitely loving the longer days and the warmth of the sun, they have become egg laying machines. I am now getting a dozen a day in an array of colors.  (don’t mind the grubby tub)




here I start with a teaser of a headline and forget to show you the star of the show.  A fresh from the painting table Garden Therapy sign with sweet pink little rosebuds for a touch of panache. 

This was a special order but I need to do one just for the website too.  I have a few more to share but my eyelids are refusing to stay aloft.



Night all..  sweet flowery dreams!



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